UOI Campus - Kostakii - Solar radiation

ID 9475
Related Station UOI Campus - Kostakii
Name Solar radiation
Variable Solar radiation
Unit Of Measurement W/m²
Precision 2
Time Zone EET (UTC+0200)
Remarks On 30-6-2015 false readings were spotted, by N. Malamos. The pyranometer was removed on 16-7-2015 and sent for repair. However, a new pyranometer was installed on 5-9-2015, 8:30 am
Instrument None
Start Date 2015/02/19 17:20
End Date 2019/09/27 13:00
Time stamps properties
Time scale Ten-minute - 10 minute(s)
Timestamp regularity Time step is strict
Timestamp rounding 0 minutes, 0 months
Time stamps reference Instantaneous values
Timestamp offset 0 minutes, 0 months